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Nforce3 250gb Motherboards


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How high is your FSB at that?


And, are you running at 1:1



Stock 12 x 200...

hold the boat on that ram... my system is crashing after installing the 6800 and running a demo game :blink:

so , for the present, I reinstalled my corsair and doing a reformat as we speak...


Btw... my corsair is higher on the reccommended DDR list than the Balistix :huh:

the scores are very close and the Balistix is slightly faster... very slight.

My Corsair is rock solid at 2-3-3-7 :mrgreen:

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My 6800gt was being a pain until recently... right now it's running perfectly on much higher settings than it normally likes. I'm even playing doom 3 and it's not having any problems. Here I thought mine was dying and it seems to be doing better than ever... at least for now.

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41 - 42 at idle and 63 - 65, stressing :huh:

the heatsing is barely warm when stressing :rolleyes:

I know it's not the fan and heatsink :mrsgreen: or the silly putty between that and the CPU (Artic S5)...

Im gonna repace it on friday hopefully, fry's said I could excange it for the same thing :mrgreen:


I exchanged my 6800GToc for another, and no more crashes :cheers:

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here's the fan and heatsink Im using :blink:



Ronnie... I would but trying to OC like that is gonna take some getting used to...

maybe I can get a direct temp reading somehow, any suggestions?


Flashed Bios to 9/14 and its lower but the same as before :mrsgreen:

Try here. This should read high enough for your needs.



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If your looking into different heatsinks the venus12 and 948u are the two that I'm running for my athlon64 rigs. The 948u is slightly better than the venus 12.


My case comes with a couple temp probes, I really don't trust them because my placement normally sucks.


Keep running 9/14 its my favorite bios out. Run vcore at 1.55 and the other at 110% that should be plenty to start with. When overclocking on the dfi I normally crank up the vdimm to 3.2 or so and also bump up the chipset.



Ronnie's overclocking words of wisdom

"When you see smoke back off and if you see fire you have gone to far."

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Nailed it!!!


just got one of these...



I just installed it and used 2 probes on the CPU and 1 on the 6800 GToc


temps are 30c and hit 39.5 during a PC04 run to check temps

without the blowhole fan on... Im very happy now :)

Let's see 12x290......ram 4/5....muahahhahah :shifty::shifty::shifty:

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