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Call to Arms!!


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Wow! Lucubration, very well written. My tone would not be as harsh, but I think that we have to find a place for this in the new spyware center.


Gator's revenues are $100M last year as estimated by Forbes. That's right, $100M.


I will give a hint at the secret weapon. The key issue for Gator to die is for a court to find their activities illegal. That's a hard sell. The big hole in the armor is that they claim that 84% of their 'users' knowingly have their software on their, and only 16% are unaware. If we can blow this claim out of the water, which we all know is total BS, and then blow it up in the press, we have a decent shot of killing Gator. Anyways, our secret weapon is related to this claim.


More later, the secret weapon is related to Phase 2. We still need to get Phase 1 up and running.



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Hi Lucubration,


Dave and I were discussing that we will have a button and you can click and the person can send an email to all 100 of the companies on the boycott list.


The tone of the mail needs to be more educational than condescending. Let's give the companies the benefit of the doubt that they don't know the bad that they are dong. Just let them know that they are contributing to more unstable PC's while Gator makes a ton of dough all without the user's knowledge.


Can you write something like that?



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Rob ,I have sent emails to all the companies that had an email listed,telling them that I would never do any business with any company that was associated with Gator,becuase they were the (dirtiest spyware company on the net). :nospys:

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I tried one of the email links and sent out an eamil, all they replied with was a security and privacy policy of whatever company I emailed....If they get 100's and thousands of emails a day from the anti spyware brigade (and our brothers(and sisters) in arms around the net) they might have to do something about it.





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These are some of the emails I have recieved back from the companies I emailed.





Thank you for taking the time to contact in regards to your concern. Fortunately, the information you have obtained is not currently accurate. Office Depot has had no involvement with Gator.com or any of its services for more than two years. While it is true that we did involve ourselves in and evaluation contract in the past, Office Depot decided, based on comments like yours, to not renew the contract. If you have located information that contradicts this statement, I would be pleased to hear back from you with the location of such. Again, thank you for contacting us in regards to this and feel free to contact me should you have any additional concerns.


Scott Headberg

OfficeDepot.com Technical Support Manager

Customer Relations

[email protected]

1-888-2-THE-NET (888-284-3638)



This one is from Americas Store



We are NOT associated with GATOR ~ perhaps GATOR is spoofing my e-mail address.

The MS-Blaster worm, and the SoBig virus often "steals' people e-mail addresses, and uses them as false return e-mail address. Please do not execute that boycott.


Yours sincerely, Carl



This one from 4allmemory.com






We are in no way, shape or form associated with Gator or any spy ware. We do not buy into any spam programs nor do we sell email addressed or phone numbers. Our company is very strict even on our advertising to make sure that no pop-ups or emails are sent out, unless they email us first. If you could tell me why you think we are associated with them, I'm sure I could show you that it was not us. We have an on and off problem with Gator here ourselves. We had to buy software to constantly clean our files because of Gator, we would not buy into anything they are associated with.


Please call us if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Support Department

-----Original Message-----


Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 8:24 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: GATOR



Think we Got their Attention LOL :nospys:

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Haven't beent to these forums for a while and am pretty shocked at all I've read here.


As a result, I did a search for 'gator' on my computer and have got about 4 matches - a couple of which are uninstallers.


Do I then presume that I should uninstall all?


And how can I do that when I get one of those windows coming up asking me which program I should use to open it?

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WOW, What a list. Really sucks that Coke is on there. Guess I'll send an email, and switch to pepsi! :mrsgreen:


We need a crying emoticon for times like these. :(

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Can you guys check out the email link for the first Coke company. It is showing as the same email as the one above, but when you click on it , it is a different one. I am wondering now who got my email. :blushing:

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Dave, you have an entry "The Gator Coirporation" just above The Gator Corporation" (same address). Is that a misspelled word?


It looks great! Excellent way to spread the word to those who don't know or care about spyware :tup:

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Please make sure you check out the new spyware center. This has truly been a labor of love. I am really excited that some of the companies have already responded.


The key to our list is the email addresses. Dave and I are going to automate the process of sending emails to the entire boycott list, hopefully next week. In the meantime, we still need to scrub the list. Stinger, did any of the emails that you sent bounce? We should keep track of that.


It is really hard to find some of the email addresses on the company's web sites. Many of them use forms. Whereever we have an NA for an email address, it would be really good if we could have an effort to research the email addresses.


I am getting truly excited that this is going to work. People are going to take notice, and we are going to hit Gator where it hurts the most with their customers. The week after next our PR activities will begin in earnest. Can you imagine the number of people that will send emails to these companies?


We're so close to making this happen!!!


Here is a list of more companies that we don't have email addresses.

all state insurance

disneyland resort

dollar rental car

first premier bank


hooked on phonics


movie link



rail europe

radison hotels

sun microsystems

thrifty rental cars

time life

western union bid pay


Let's get hopping.

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Sun’s Standards of Business Conduct provides an overview

of the company’s commitment to acting with integrity

and high standards in all business practices. These

Standards of Business Conduct do not include all the rules

and regulations which apply to every situation. There are

numerous company policies and procedures which

provide greater detail and can be located on SunWeb. The


[email protected]

Email sent to this alias will be routed to the Business

Conduct Office and can be used for asking questions or

reporting violations, but does not have the capability of


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:) Here's a start on the Radison Hotels


Country Inns and Suites, which declined to comment on Fisher Development's proposal for Bradenton, is a subsidiary of Minneapolis, Minn.-based Carlson Companies. Carlson also owns Radison Hotels, Regent International Hotels, TGI Fridays and a number of other restaurant, travel and entertainment companies. Carlson considers its 200 worldwide Country Inns and Suites hotels to be mid-range, three- to four-star hotels.


The private company had sales of $7.8 billion in 1998, an increase of 18.2 percent over the preview year. Carlson employs about 147,000 people worldwide.


And as bonus :woot:http://www.carlsonmarketing.com/index.cfm?...ere&sub=privacy

bottom of that page is a contact us link.


It is worth reading their "What we do > Consumer statement on their main page.


update on ALL STATE INSURANCE this is a secure server site address for contacting them



Dollar Rental Car is owned by DTG and you can contact them here:



Every little bit helps :P:mrgreen:

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Dollar car rental:

If you have questions about this Online Privacy Policy or this Web site, please contact Tony Ray;[email protected]


Disney is pretty blantant 'bout being spyware:


In addition, many business advertisements are managed and placed on our site by third-party companies. These companies are called "network advertisers." Network advertisers collect non-personally identifiable information when you click on or scan one of their banner advertisements. The information is collected using technology, so you may not realize it's being collected. The network advertisers collect this information so that they can show you ads that are more relevant and interesting to you.

I really don't think they'll care



Just think of all the little kiddies that wanna go to the disney web site to check out thier buddy mickey and his advertizing freinds

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Rob sorry for the late reply,but me and the wife went to Surfside for a few days to visit my nephew and his family, yea the one close to you lol,only 65 miles away from Myrtle Beach myself. These are the ones that bounced.


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Would like to say Good Job on Page Dave :rocks:

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Thank you for your feedback; The Gator Corporation programs are not

Spyware because The Gator Corporation's Privacy Policy specifically and

clearly states how and why our programs must contact the server, what

information is collected, and how it is used; and, users must review and

accept The Gator Corporation's Privacy Policy and End User License

Agreement before our programs are downloaded to the users computer (i.e.

explicit, informed, consent is received by The Gator Corporation; please

refer to The Gator Corporation's Privacy Policy at

http://www.gatorcorporation.com/help/priva...ystatement.html for more



The Gator Corporation believes it does not meet any reasonable Spyware

definition because of the following factors:


· Up front, full, plain language disclosure: The Gator Corporation

clearly states what will be collected from the user and why this must

happen in the privacy policy.


· No Unnecessary Information Gathering: as per the privacy policy, we do

not know who you are and we know nothing about you personally. We do not

store personally identifiable information or use it in any way. The

information that is collected is clearly spelled out in the policy.


· Formal Online Privacy Statement: located at



· Preemptive Request for Consent: The installation of any GAIN supported

application(s) is disclosed prior to the installation, at which time a

user may simple opt not to install the application(s).


· All GAIN supported applications are easily removable via the

application's uninstaller and or the Windows Add/Remove Programs Control

Panel. A few minutes after all GAIN applications have been uninstalled,

the GAIN software is designed to self uninstall.




Original Message Follows:


From: "Stinger2"

Subject: Gator

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 16:19:11 -0400


Will no longer use your company,because I have found out that you are

associated with Gator(the dirtiest spyware company on the net).Your

company has been added to the boycott list at www.pcpitstop.com All

companies associated with Gator will be added to the boycott list.





LOL check this out volt. :mrsgreen:

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Known as the "Floral Information Superhighway", the Mercury Network is the premier electronic network used by all major wire services in the floriculture industry to process wire orders and messages. The Mercury Network also provides FTD Florists with telemarketing services and PC-based business management applications software.


For questions regarding FTD's advertising campaign or any other advertising questions, contact [email protected] or call 1-800-788-9000 and ask for extension 6174.

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