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Call to Arms!!


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I copied all those links you posted, Volt, and as far as I can tell, these are the companies that own those sites. It's not too surprising many don't provide an actual company name, an address, phone number, any employee names, etc., which makes me think they are fly by night dot coms. (And justifiably so...)


In any case, this is a good start on the Gator boycott list.


Hotwire (hotwire.com)

Verizon Communications



Yahoo (And therefore SBC Communications. aka Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, Southwestern Bell, Ameritech, etc.)

Household Finance

Travelinterface.com Inc.

Homestore, Inc.

uBid, Inc.

OMX, Inc. (OfficeMax)


Dick Blick Art Materials



The Tire Rack

BuyingAdvice.com, Inc.


ConsumerNet, Inc. (Carbuyingtips.com. Get a load of this... http://www.carbuyingtips.com/Yahoo_Problems.ppt)

Avon Products, Inc.

Just Tires (Justtires.com)

Michelin Tires (michelinman.com, michelin-us.com)

Orchard Bank (Also known for shady credit card policies.)

Discover Bank, A Morgan Stanley Company (https://secure.novuslink.net)





MasterCard International, Inc.

Zacks Investment Research

Hot Stix, Inc.

Hoover's, Inc.

The Coca Cola Company (cokemadness.com, cocacola.com)

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

FootSmart Products


Westwood College (Denver, Colorado, Westwoodcollege.com)

Gateway, Inc. (Gateway.com. Sorry, Rob. But it's true...)

Office Depot, Inc. (Officedepot.com)

Micro Pro, Inc.

Alorica, Inc. (pcfactoryoutlet.com)


Expertcity, Inc. (image73.eguard.com/expertcity/16711-0/bpu.html)

Network Solutions, Inc. A Verisign Company

University of Phoenix Online (online.phoenix.edu)

Online Autoloan (onlineautoloan.com)

United States Schools of Golf (ussog.com)

Holistic Hypnosis (hypnotictapes.com)


Mission Liquor and Tobacco (missionliquor.com)


Inphonic, Inc. (inphonic.com)

AM Shipping Supplies Company, Inc. (amshippingsupplies.com)

4 All Memory (4allmemory.com)

Kahlon, Inc.


Virtual Museum Canada (virtualmuseum.ca)

Canada Fishing Lodge (canada-north.com)

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I was just thinking. Did you get any Gator pop over or pop unders when you were on PC Pitstop? That would really get my goat. I think that ethically if there are snarfing our traffic and advertising that they should have to tell us. Don't you think?

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Rob,,to tell ya the truth I didn't want to say anything untill I was done with my testing.


I went to the pit homepage right off the bat,,and clicked on all the adds I could find and all I could get on 3 out of 4 was a small "this page cannot be displayed" window. but no popups at all.


I will be trying again and keep track of which ones I hit and if they worked or not,,but they all worked on the drive without gator?? but gator is always calling home so that may change!!

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Poor browsers takin a beating huh?? :mrgreen: v

Yeah, maybe. But your's has the Gator... So it's a good thing you got the Gator Gun! :P


Here's what I think about this though... That list of links you posted was from what? An hour or two of Gator browsing? That tells me there are far too many companies to even consider hoping for a successful boycott. I think what we should be doing instead is launching a letter writing campaign to the government.


At a TWA Services employee training seminar I attended once in Yellowstone, the speaker stated that if 10 customers went home happy, that they would tell 10 of their friends that they had a good time at the park, and that each of them would tell 10 of their friends that so and so had a good time at the park, that would give 100 people the idea that Yellowstone was a good place to visit. But if 10 customers go home angry, they would tell everyone they know what a lousy time they had in Yellowstone, and those people would in turn tell everyone they know, and so on and so on until Yellowstone had a horrible reputation.


The same idea could apply here. If every member of the ASB wrote to each of their elected officials, and sent them a pre-written letter stating their desire for unwanted advertising, spam, etc., and unauthorized software installations to be illegal it would possibly do something. But, if every ASB member told all their friends, and they told all their friends, and they told all their friends, and they told all their friends, etc., it would have a much larger impact.


If you need proof of this theory, just look at what I did. On July 4th of last year, I posted that thread on the old Pit (as a joke, by the way) about signing up for the ASB, and now there are over 130 people that have signed up. There are 105 here, and there were about 25 more who signed up at the old Pit that are not here any more.


The point being, we need to get more members, and we need to get those members spread the word. Get the word out to more people about what spyware is, what it does, and why it should be illegal for companies to do this stuff. Then we need to write the letter, post it, and tell all members to copy it, print it, and mail copies of it to all of their elected officials. They can of course email it too, but hard copy letters are better when writing to the government.


If the governmemt got a million letters, they would take notice. Remember when NASA got 400,000 letters asking to name one of the space shuttles the "Enterprise"? It worked... And they did it. And if Trekkies can do it, so can we!


And here's another thought. Did you ever see "The Shawshank Redemption"? The main character wanted books for the prison library, so he wrote a letter a week to the state asking for funds to get them. It took him six years, but they finally gave him some money, just to shut him up. Then he started writing them twice a week. I know that was just a movie, but it makes sense to me that if we all wrote a letter a week to our state Senators, Representitives, the President, etc... Sooner or later they would do what we asked just so we would quit writing to them.


So that's what I think we should do. :nospys:

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Thanks Hammer, ;) am also putting together another 3 for the Post Office to deliver :nospys: Short and sweet and brings them to us! ;) This is what I wrote:


I am but a small part of the many who are exasperated with the practices of many Advertising Companies on the Internet.  Their practices have become what "should" be considered criminal.  Please browse this link as one of many across the internet discussing the problem:  http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...f=9&t=6467&st=0  


I am fortunate to own a computer and am furious at the highjinking practices that "steal" my bandwidth, CPU cycles and jeapordise the stability of my system that I pay for and never gave permission to "them" to take!


Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Well, after thinking about it for awhile, I have come to the conclusion that while paper letters would be better, the volume I have in mind might be better suited for email. It would be easier to do, and it would be a heck of a lot cheaper, as the volume of letters I have in mind would take a lot of paper, envelopes, and stamps.


We should work on a draft of the letter. Then once we have a good letter written, post it so everyone can copy it and email it to all of their local Reps, and selected others. Then once they've sent them, once a week or so they just go to their sent emails folder and re-send them. Over and over and over... Until they get sick to death of hearing from us, and do what is right and pass some laws to protect the consumers who pay their salaries.

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Guest Donna

:blink: OMG........... v and gator on the same computer!!!!!!! Someones great great gramma just rolled over in there grave!


Anyway, Just saw this thread, tell me what I can do and I will, I am working nights right now so I have lots of time in the day. I can even make toll free calls if needed.



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And just in case you don't really believe writing your rep will help, I can tell you for a fact that they do listen. I actually had a US senator act on my behalf during a little student loan malfunction I was having. He got it it staightened right out for me. ;)

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Gator is like the Mafia. They are extorting money from their advertisers and screwing up people's PC's.


Ax, I like your thinking. What can we do to get more users?


There is a page http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/winspy.asp . I was thinking that we should add a mention about the AntiSpyWare Brigade there.


I'm not sure we need to spam or anything. The right way to look at this. It is an awareness campaign. The vast vast majority of people simply don't know about the evils of Gator.

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Once I found gator, bozo buddy-monkey thing, xupiter, and hotbar on the same computer here at the university. I whipped out my can of cocoa pebbles and sent them all to the Hell of 8 Burning Fires!

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35 million active :gator: users


600 advertisers using :gator:


* Gotta LOVE the last paragraph !!! THIS IS most likely HOW :gator: promotes itself to potential clients / advertisers !



( now you know that you are going to find 600 different companies !!! )

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I am very gator savy about now!!! :P them SOBs are just a pain in the royal rump,,to put it politely!! :)


That damn "Gator Search Scout" is a :filtered: thief!!! no other way to put it!! you go to a webite that "you" want to see and that damn thing will load a whole page of "related" links to the same product!!


Its like I have posted before,,they are a very big and dangerous web entity,,you play their game or get run over!! and thats not right!! :( v

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Hey Volt - you gotta keep up your strength while fighting them :


Gator with Lemon and White Wine Sauce

1 to 1 1/2 pounds alligator meat


red and black pepper

1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning

1/4 cup plain low-fat or fat-free yogurt

1/4 cup flour

1/4 cup olive oil

2 cloves garlic, sliced


1/4 cup seasoned liquid from boiled meat

2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons cornstarch

3/4 cup White wine

juice of 1 large lemon, or 3 to 4 tablespoons

Cut alligator meat into bite-size pieces; sprinkle with salt and red and black pepper. Place alligator in a large saucepan, cover with water and add Old Bay Seasoning. Bring quickly to a boil; boil 2 to 3 minutes. Remove gator from liquid (reserve liquid), drain, and let meat cool. Dip meat in yogurt and then in flour.

Heat oil with garlic; remove garlic and lightly brown meat. Transfer meat to paper towels to drain; keep warm until sauce is done. Arrange meat on plate and serve with the sauce for dipping.


Sauce: In a small saucepan, combine 1/4 cup reserved liquid and white wine; stir in cornstarch. Heat and stir until mixture starts to thicken. Add lemon juice and cook until thickened.

Serves 4 to 6.



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And!! :mrgreen: v


Crocked Gator


10-14 ..Florida gator ribs 1 tablespoon pepper

1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon garlic powder

6 ounces barbecue sauce



Season ribs. Put ribs in crock pot. Pour barbecue sauce over ribs. Cover and cook until tender.

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It is going to be exceptionally hard to reach 30 million users.

Perhaps letters to the 600 Gator clients ?


* Something telling them that there is a small but growing group of consumers / pc users that " are mad as hell and aren't gonna take it any more " - who are spreading the word about :gator: & advising others to boycott the products of companies affiliated with :gator: ?


* seems like a great story for TechTV to cover - hm, what are their combined tv viewers & those who receive their newsletter totals ?

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What can we do to get more users?




I'm not sure we need to spam or anything.

We need to be doing what spyware is supposedly all about... Advertising! Speak the word... Tell everyone we know about spyware. Maybe we should make some T-Shirts and put them in the Pitstop store. To that end, I have tried to find out where that :nospys: symbol came from, without much success. (Actually, with no success.) I've searched Google, Alta Vista, Excite... You name it. All I can find are sites that use it, but no indication as to who made it. So as I've said before, we need an original ASB logo, that nobody can say we borrowed or "stole" from someone else. But by the same token, I haven't seen a copyright symbol on any of the copies I've seen either.


Another idea I had was that the Pitstop has been mentioned several times on Tech TV. Is there any chance we could get them to do a show on what the Pitstop is doing about spyware? They seem to like the Pit... They might just go for it. And that could do a lot for "the cause".




Writing your congressmen is not spamming. Maybe writing them every week about the same thing would be going overboard, but it is our civic duty and our constitutional right to make our voice heard. There is nothing wrong with speaking up and saying something is wrong, and asking them to do the right thing. They are supposed to represent us. Let's not let them forget who they work for.

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:blushing: Ermmm if it's any use to folks, here is a letter I ran off that might serve the purpose in the UK and over the pond (with alteration for the recipient). It aint a short letter (single A4) but I hope it makes the points we need to get across to get things moving. You should all be able to just swipe and wipe it.




PS Volt, what do ya think of that Gator gun I sent ya? B)


To whom it may concern (Name of your local Councillor, MP, MSP, MEP)



It may surprise you to know that, if you are connected to the Internet then chances are that you are being spied upon by a commercial company – who then sells this information on to companies who want to target you for their products.


This is not a scare-mongering letter that is going to ask you to subscribe to a new, all dancing, lights flashing product. This letter is about facts.


I own a computer that I paid for with my own money. I specified that it should be capable of connecting to the Internet so that I, and my family or friends could access the wider world at large – as well as have access to the huge amount of knowledge that is out there and available to us. To my understanding, this fits in with the current Government’s intention of everybody having access to the Internet so that no-one should feel they are being disadvantaged in any manner – equal opportunities!


However, I am horrified to find that others can access my computer and track any sites that I have visited, or even worse, can use my computer to influence me towards certain products by installing adverts that appear on my screen when they decide.


This letter is about Spy-ware and anything else that gets itself into your computer without asking or invitation. This letter is about all those groups who care about basic human rights such as privacy, decency, and democracy. This letter is not about Government’s ability to intercept electronic communication. This letter is about abuse of our private lives by commercial companies.


As my local representative, I ask that you look further into this situation.


To help you do so, I provide this web address




Its Okay, this is the address of a bona fide site whose members work hard to improve each other’s knowledge of computers and how they work.

Alternatively, just type SPYWARE into your web browser and read through what follows.


Yours sincerely

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Telephone privacy - a similar situation ???


but it took years !


* Seems like this method will be the solution to spyware. The (unfortunate)

involvement of the FTC / Government. ( if they get involved in this aspect of the internet, then it is only a matter of time before they will want to regulate *everything* ? )

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Guest Donna

What is wrong with it being illegal to call people who voluntarily put themselves on the do not call list?


Or did I interpret your post wrong? :(

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