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V, if I have 2 OS's duelboot, can I have gator on one without it affecting the other?

Yes you can put it on one and not effect the other,,your on cable so you won't notice much of a lag either.


the full page gator scout ads are sometimes killers for me on wireless. ;)


My advice would be for all dialup users not to try this at home tho. :) v

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woooooooohooooooo i jsut got hit by the gator little does that bad little gator know i fight back and i dont fight fair, all i downloaded today was divx 2.1 and codecs wmp and codecs and spybot from download.com and now i had a popup from avg saying i have been hit, ran spybot and it says there is a gator making a nest in myh system well i have never had gator eggs but hear they are mighty tastey so hopefully the combination of spybot and adaware will kill htat gator, prferably slow and painful and maybe a little fowl play in there too.

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This morning I emailed the entire list. Boy it was really a lot of work! Here are a list of the emails that bounced. I am editing them out of the list, but I could use some help finding new email addresses for these companies.


[email protected] = mailbox has exceeded quota

[email protected] = could not find host. My bad, it should be thrifty and I already fixed it

[email protected] = mailbox full The company is onlineautoload.com

[email protected] = mailbox not found. The company is kahlon.com

[email protected] = recipient name is not recognized. The company name is cablestogo.com

[email protected] = recipient name is not recognized. The company name is cokemadness.com


Any help tracking down email addresses for these web sites is much appreciated.



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From the Lending Tree


Dear Donna,


Thank you for contacting LendingTree. We are not associated with Gator.com and have been pursuing legal action against them regarding this issue.


Then they went on a speel about contacting them to lend me money. :rolleyes:

Edited by Donna
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Anybody know how to hack.....websites :shifty::bad:


When I had my old computer I didn't know anything about computers so I would just click yes on those security certificates thinking it was to display the site or something. When you click ok, you don't even see anythign isntalling, the window dissapears. It's very decieving. :mrsgreen:


I sent them a nice message. Unfortunately, if I posted it here I would get banned :lol:



Volt, your kidding me right, pulling our legs? Hmm, seems as though Gateway has a contract with gator. It's nice to see how a COMPUTER MANUFACTURER SUPPORTS this evil program which must die. :angry: You would think of all companies a computer maker would hate this program since it messes up their pcs and degrades their performance. Hmm, seems they care more about money than morals :mrsgreen:


Volt, emailing them would have less of an effect that complaing to the better business burea. The better business bureu FORCES them to make changes instead of reps saying that they do not support them.


Also, can I join the anti-spyware brigade? Thanks :)

Edited by amd dude
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I sent out the note to all the companies on the list this morning. If I get a response stating that they do not do business with Gator, I go over to Overture and type in some keywords to see if they are a sponsor in Overture. By and large they are. I typed "Home Financing" into Overture, and Lending Tree came up.


This is the key issue. They do not even realize that :

1) their company name is being associated automatically with GAIN through Overture

2) they are unwittingly contributing to the spread of spyware throughout the internet.


Isn't it amazing that Lending Tree is taking legal action but still doing business with Overture and also their name is associated with Gator? All we can do is educate them and hope they make the right choices.



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AMD Dude,


You are on to a very important point. Our goal is to educate the world that whenever they see the Gator Active X box, they must click NO. I have trained myself to do it, but we really have a lot of work to educate the public on this.


Take it easy on Gateway. We are finding that many companies are on the list because of their relationship with Overture and Overture has not informed their customers that their ads are being served by GAIN.



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This boycott list and the resulting encouraged harassment towards the companies on the list is not the way to do it. For example, we (BPVN Technologies) have stopped using Overture two weeks ago, so we can't understand how we made it into the list. Like I wrote to pcpitstop crew already, please allow me to illustrate the "unknowingly" principle. Take a look at this screenshot of pcpistop website, and look at what is advertised:


Over-sized Image coverted to a link by Ax


I believe, Donna, you sent an email to our company. How would you feel to be on the receiving end of this?

I think they already know! :nospys: Rob, I was putting together a little letter to Steve Fox over at PC Magazine concerning our quest to educate:

Contributing editor Steve Fox covers buzz-worthy products, ideas and trends

Would be nice to get the word out in hard copy as well, don't ya think? Any thoughts or concerns in this regard? Edited by Ax Slinger
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How exactly do you tell what companies are helping Gator/Gain?

Is any company who has a sponsored listing with Overture automatically helping Gator?

Thats the tricky part aeroman,,those scout pages confuse the hell out of me. I'm just guessing that 90% of the folks listed there have no idea they are even there. findwhat is tied in there with overture and there seems to be 2-3 others that I can't get a handle on yet.



On the scout page you will see this url listed.




When you load it the url will show this on the address bar.






Or something of that type,,but on others it has no tag after clicking the scout link.


Gator is pretty slick on this,,seems to me at times they just harvest google key words and load up some scout page results under your google page.


Gator sucks tho!! I can attest to that. ;) v

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lol i was so stupid before i joined the pit i downloaded gator and flyswat on purpose i am wiser now thanks to volt and the crew!!!!!!!

I think dave should get most of the credit for understanding what gator does and how it can really effect the way a windows machine reacts to having it installed,,which can be flaky as hell at times,,when gator is trying to load a full scout page the machine is like its in suspended animation and all else waits for it to finish,,you may stare at a white page for 10-15 seconds depending on what seems to be many factors.



Give credit to Chengrob for being willing to at least try and do a little gator wrestling,,even tho I really don't think alot of folks knew they were being gatored by their own advertising companies.



I also think google should help take on this scumbag of a company,,sure seems to me that gator is riding on googles coattails on many things I look for. ;) v

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So far nor one email I havent gotten back has realized that overture and Gator are related.

Now I am getting questions as to why Gator is spyware if you are asked to install it first.


Crap, I just wanted to spread the word a bit................ :mrgreen: Now they want details.



v, I still havent got it installed yet. I've worked a couple 12 hour shifts.

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