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Mouse Cursors Downloads?

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i check here every day to see what's spotlighted n' never had a problem....




i came across these a different way though again....no problems


3D Green Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DGCurPg.htm

3D Red Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DRCurPg.htm

3D Yellow Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DYCurPg.htm

3D Orange Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DOCurPg.htm

3D Blue2 Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DB2CrPg.htm

3D Maroon Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DMCurPg.htm

3D Purple Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/3DPCurPg.htm

Flat Blue Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/FBCurPg.htm

Neon Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/NeonCrPg.htm

High Visibility Animated Cursors- http://joescursors.tripod.com/HVCurPg.htm

Animated Inverse Cursor Scheme - http://joescursors.tripod.com/AniInvPg.htm

Christmas Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/CHCurPg.htm

New Year Animated Cursors - http://joescursors.tripod.com/NYCurPg.htm


i've also d/led several from this site without consequence....but if i rememberr right, the screensavers n' such did have crud bundled with them




you can also dowload themes rhen use just the cursers....lemme know if you're interested in them


hope ya find what you're lookin for :)

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Well ive never seen anything odd on my PC using it, plus i use the Plus Version....lol so who knows maybe the other does?? but i use to use the regular one and only use to get a popup saying to buy it or whatever but that was only when you were going to configure it.

No, I had been using the shareware version for quite a while before buying the plus version a couple of weeks ago and there was no spyware in it. Stardock seems to be on the up and up.
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