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Guest ShadowMann

:) Hello Dave,

Thanks for all the help! The two programs: PC Booster, & PC Bodyguard that you are telling me to turn off; I was just wondering what you thought about them and if I really need them now that I have purchased PC Pitstop Optimize?


Thanks Again,



P.S. I also have Modem Booster and was wondering the same about it to

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I haven't tried PC Bodyguard so I don't know exactly what features it has. I tried Googling for it but there seem to be multiple products by that name. There is one by a company named Calluna but they seem to be out of business.


I tried PC Booster about a year ago, it didn't seem to do that much and I didn't like that it ran in background. I'm not sure why it has to do that, although maybe it "guards" its settings and rewrites them when it sees they've changed. Bottom line, I don't know enough about it to know whether it's good or not. The reviews around the internet seem to go both ways:




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