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Internet Speed Sux

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there are really great deals on dsl and cable modem service i get 670 down and 136 kbps upload and i pay 34$ a month... check with your phone company to see if its availible or cable company... good luck ..go fast

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a agree duanester. i have cable modem also but the 1500/256. its only 40 i think. but u gotta think of it like this more than anything...


1. phone line - $15 + for a seperate line

2. isp - $10 - 15. AND SLOW.


thats 25 bux minimum. back home where i used to live and had dialup, a seperate line cost round 20 or more and the is was 20 bux at minimum. cable wasnt available.


id go with cable myself for that price comparison reason. true u dont have to have the seperate phone line.. but i do alot of stuff online and alot of downloading and uploading... generally when im sleeping its doin something on the net for me. i had to have the seperate line or nobody would have ever been able to call me if something happened or for any reason. high speed has more benefits than just speed also.

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