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Am I Mad?


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am I going mad? Im sure I downloaded some program here that changed my registers to optimise my internet conection about 3 weeks ago and I didnt pay anything. Has this 'optimise PC' thing only recently started being sold? I just got a new comp and want my 1.5 Mb connection to be running at more than 600kbs thats all!

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No you are not mad. We did have a free autofix that made a small adjustment to your TCP Receiving Window Size. This autofix has become outdate so we replace it with a free manual change that is on page:



We also launched PC Pitstop Optimize that cost $29.99 it tweaks many more internet settings that should give you an even better result. These settings include:

Maximum Transfer Unit(MTU)

TCP Receiving Window Size

Default Time to Live

Automatic MTU Detection

Blackhole Detection

Large TCP Windows

Fast retransmission and recovery

Selective Acknowledgements

Number of Allowed Simultaneous HTTP Connections

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I am considering to purchase Optimize but noticed on the personal info page to buy it, my phone number is required...I've always wondered as to why you'll need my phone number, are you really going to need it call me some day? I've seen this for other programs and I'm not trying to give ya a hard time but I'd like to know why it's required

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