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Xp Home Won't Initialize After Running Optimize

Guest tflora

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I just bought a new Dell i9100 with a 3.2Ghz P4, 1GB RAM, internal 802.11a/b/g, XP Home (SP2) and am connecting to a Linksys wireless home network with a/b/g router and access points. When I noticed I was getting poor download times (200kb on a 3000kb cable modem connection) I purchased Optimize. I had no problems installing Optimize. However, after running Optimize and taking all the recommended settings, XP Home would not initialize. It begins initialization, and then after 15-or-so seconds goes to the Safe mode screen option saying an error has been encountered. It never makes it to the "Welcome" screen. After reverting my drive to before the changes using Norton Go-Back, all is ok. I did this a second time with the same results. After reverting the disk again, I ran Optimize again, but only chose the Internet Optimization recommendations (no others). XP started fine, but I cannot connect to my wireless network. It says it is waiting for a network address, and eventually times out. After reverting the disk, all is fine. Sigh....... Anyone have any recommendations?????

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As for your first issue we did fine an problem with Optimize that affects a small percentage of our customers. Unfortunately you fell in that small percentage. We promoted the new version that fixes these issues yesterday afternoon and plan on updating existing customers next week. Let's first get you upgraded ASAP and fix the first issue then tackle your wireless problem. Please email me you contact information and I will get you upgraded. I am very sorry for your inconvenience.

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