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I Don't Want To Start...

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bear, the sanctions thing was a joke.

Hmm was it or wasn't it?


Stop provoking bear!

Provoking me or me Provoking others?


Ya should never ever poke a stick at a Bear, even if he is caged :shifty:



Dicksters has already done so and very well I may add :mrgreen:

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Sorry, Nez. Didn't mean to ignore you.


There are a few that lurk here only to bait others into an argument, and then :censored: about being attacked. Sounds like trolls to me!! I'm sure they are reading this, but you won't see them answer.   :mrsgreen:

:nuke::nuke: Edited by volt
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Now this is just my opinion, as there is no specific rule that says this is what you have to do in a situation like this. But if you think about it, it does make logical sense... When you see a post that is clearly trying to start an argument, you have a few choices you can make.


1: You can reply to it in a calm, rational way. If you feel you absolutely must reply argument bait, this is the best way to do it in my opinion.


2: You can reply in an angry fashion and get into the argument. This is the wrong way to do it. An argument is exactly what the baiting poster wants, and getting involved in it only serves to get all parties involved into trouble. Not just the person who started the argument, but anyone who joins in as well.


3: Report it to the forum staff, who will then take care of it in accordance with the forum rules. This is the best thing to do for yourself, the forum, and all the members in it.


4: If you don't want to report it, and you don't want to argue (which will therefore get you into trouble too), you can simply ignore it and move on.


That's my view of this situation. No need for a big long thread about it. Just think and use simple logic...

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Firstly, the only safe time to poke a Bear with anything is when the beast is in a cage. Occasionally, caged or loose, it's the only way to find out for certain if any of the 30 rounds of 7.62mm found the target. 5.56mm is for girls in my humble opinion, and we in the UK are never going to get the SA80 to work properly.


Secondly, to Ax, I'm coming stateside shortly, and I hope that the people I meet take after your frame of mind. Seems that you are the exception to the rule on what I have learnt about Yanks on here. O_o

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fragged,,lol I changed 4 letters in one of your posts :mrgreen: ,,this is a silly thread kinda sorta,,but if it makes ya'll feel better,, just have at it,,we don't mind ya sortin things out between yourselves,,just be nice about it. :) vj

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i didn't think you were a yank.  :huh:

As far as I know, Brits have always called Americans (as in all Americans) "Yanks". Which is not to be confused with people from the North being referred to as "Yankees", in relationship to people from the South being referred to as "Hillbillies". Or people like me who are technically both. In my case since I was born in Illinois, which is in the North, and raised in Alabama which is in the South, I guess that makes me a Yankabilly. :lol:
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what i want to know, is who is the main baiter? :huh:

:angry: O.K., I blew a post for this and I am ticking close to the 1000, so I will only say it once. It is me. I am the one. I am the mean, bad, baiter.



:blink: You believe me right? Hey, it's the silent ones you know. Gotta keep an eye on us.


cookie anyone? :oreo::choco::mrgreen:

Edited by Canadian Bit
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ya know i promised myself i wouldnt post here but however this is what i think,

most of us people that been here for a very long time like myself know all the faces here and how they react, i myself am not always a perfect poster, those of us older members know who is it Dickster is talking about, i know i am almost 100%, in fact i am 100%.


eventually those things will catch up with them.

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But there are a few ******** that hang around here, only to start trouble. If you aren't sure if it's you. look in a mirror.


For you stupid individuals, you may be able to kiss *** now, but the rest of us see through you.


Your time will come!! ;)

Rock on Dickster.


I noticed there's actually a couple "baiters" who agreed with you that they're a pain in the booty... pretty funny, no? I guess we see through them but they can't see through themselves...



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