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'funlove 4099' Virus

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I'm working on an older system that has the 'Funlove 4099' virus. There are 169 files left that it is attached to. I'm trying to preserve some of the files on the system. Norton cannot seem to remove these last 169. It disabled the task manager, so I can't disable the startups or services or get into safe mode and therefore cannot get the virus out of RAM.


Is there a way to get rid of these or must I write Os to the drive and start from scratch. A reinstall of Win, keeping the files will not work because the virus keeps corrupting and disabling the task manager.exe file and other Os system32 files.



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The problem with this virus is that when you corrupt the main mother virus it sends out threads to other Os programs and attaches itself. Then when these other progs run, they repair the corrupted main program and we start all over again. Its my understanding that norton or other progs will add about 2 extra bytes to the file thus making it unable to execute and run.


I have the names of the files so I could go thru and find the files and delete them, but some are attached to .scr and .exe Os files so the Os may become corrupted causing Win XP to crash and become unbootable.


The couple that own this system bought it in 1999 and have had no AV program ever installed. They have 5 yrs of docs on the system with no backups. I'm trying to save the files.


I don't want to use my external HD to save the files because I don't want to risk infecting my HD or system.


What about install a CD writer and make a CD of the document files???

I don't think they can, or have attached themselves to documents, only .exe, .scr, .ocx files


I guess as a last resort I could go into the Registry and start deleting files, but this could be the end of the Os because of the attachments to the System32.exe files.

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