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After tinkering around with OpenSSH, sshd and X11 forwarding and deciding it was just too slow, I decided to give XDMCP a try, it is extremely fast!


I fired up a machine with no hard drive in it at all, just a graphics card, memory, and an ethernet card. I started from a knoppix disk, went to init 3, and then queried my server, I got a fully functional desktop forwarded from the server running as fast as if I were on that machine. I could log into any account that was on that PC and get the desktop for that user or root.


Just to see if it would lag the server any to have someone using it and someone remotely using another desktop on it, my wife played quake3 on the server while I did everything I could to slow it down, neither one of us saw any lag in performance. :woot: We could both browse the web, or run any app that was on the machine. A very sweet way to have another computer for someone to use with a very minimal amount of cash.


Also tinkering with FDLinux, thats linux on a floppy. Yup a running linux operating system that doesn't even fill "half" a floppy. :mrgreen: Stick it in an old 25 mhz machine and you can have a router for free, and get some good use out of that old hunk a junk sitting in the basement.


Working on getting FDlinux to be able to X -query my server. Once I can do that the machine wont even need a CD drive.


Too much fun. :tux::rocks::tux:

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