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Ram Upgrade Good Or Just Alright?


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Not really. I realize I'm in Canada, but most dsl service here is around $45.00 for speeds between 1.5 - 3 mb down. I'm on a 3 mb down cable and it costs $45.00/mo. So $49.00 for a 384k connection doesn't sound too good, no matter which side of the border it is.

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yes I know :) I just called up steel city broadband and they are offering 384k sdsl for 49 a month. Sdsl = :) for gamers. Does that deal sound good to you guys?



or KB/s?

or Kb/s?


It always annoys me when ISP's advertise the service in bits, when windows uses bytes...


My connection is 384 KB/s

Doesn't sound like a lot, but it you convert it to bits, its like 3 Mb/s

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