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Windows Booting Slower Than It Should

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Ok, had this problem forever, and I'm really getting annoyed with it.


The first time I booted my system up, the Windows XP bar didn't even go across once. In time, after installing drivers and setting up programs, it went to probably a maximum of 5 or 6 times across. Now, over time or just randomly one day, this increased to 13-20 times across...so I formatted.


No luck.


So recently I zeroed out my drives, formatted, and installed windows. The first boot took like 13 times across.


Is there some sort of BIOS setting, or anything that can help? I'll probably nuke it again soon.


If it makes a difference, after I zeroed the drives and went to install windows, I had a random 2GB partition. Well, being as I wanted that space, I deleted it and moved it to the main partition. I have no clue if that affected me...doubt it though.


Any ideas? If you can figure this out, I'll like buy you a pony.

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I have a feeling this could have to do with Windows trying to connect to your wireless network...

doubt it, i have the built-in wireless enabled on my laptop when i boot and it doesnt take any longer or shorter.
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Ok...here's the news.


I've defragged a million times since the problem started with several programs. No go.


It cannot be my wireless network, because the first time I booted up it took forever, and my card wasn't even in the system. That, and it's been doing it since before I got the card.


And the prefatch delio did not work. I actually think it had no effect on the startup, but made logging on a tad slower.


Any more ideas? I'm going to kill a small mammal soon...maybe.

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I hit F6, install the latest RAID drivers, tell it to use mine instead of the ones windows has, then everything goes fine.


Now and then when I do have to install windows, however, it gives me an error message after it copies the files...it says "Starting Windows," and then has a weird HEX number or address or something. It usually works the second time around.

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go into device manager and check system devices to see if system bois controller is in there. it was in my system till i dl sp2 and is wy i have a slow boot ofcourse


that error you get could be your driver. have you tried an updated driver or atleast the same driver but on a new disk. may be a bad driver. just a suggestion though

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Do you have another XP disk you can use? Maybe try borrowing one from a friend, but you need to rule out that files are no longer being installed correctly.

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