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Hey, I have located spyware on my computer. IS Web3000 something a person like you or me could use to spy on one of our friends? IF not, what can be used? I have a friend that says that he spys on people and reads our instant messages, and I hate that, I really need my privacy. please help me out!!!


thank you


Jared :oreo:

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it's just a spy -- kill it !! -- lol


you should be able to kill it with ad-aware or spybot right now I like spybot


if it reoccurs then it's likely embedded it some software you have loaded, you can find a list of programs known to use this spy here


this Vulnerability Scan will give you some idea of where you may need to plug some holes you your security to help keep people out.


I hate spys

cn2 :)

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Do you know a free spy program? I dont want it, but I would like to know exaclty what my "friend" was/is using. When i find the program, I can pinpoint it and remove it and place safegaurds on my computer. I have run spy-bot, and it eliminated all the things it found. But while it was checking, I saw words of files it was checking and I saw "Silent Spy" I dont know what it is, and I dont know how to remove it. But it didnt show up on the Spybot. This worries me. please help!!



Jared :oreo:

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Be very carefull with that program,,it will break your machine if not uninstalled correctly.



Removing Web3000  


Warning: Do not use AD-aware to remove Web3000 without first removing the host software. Web3000 replaces winsock32.dll and possibly other Windows system files. These will not be restored if AD-aware is used first.


First figure out which software installed is using Web3000, then uninstall that software using the Windows Control panel, add/remove software window. This should also uninstall most of Web3000 also, and restore the Windows files that were replaced. Then run Lavasoft's AD-aware utility www.lavasoft.deto clean up the loads of junk left behind by Web3000.


If the software title isn't listed in the Windows Control panel, add/remove software window, try reinstalling it. This may force it into the list. Then uninstall it as outlined above, then run AD-aware. If you can't get the software host to show up in the uninstall window, contact Tech Support for the particular program for exact directions on removing it, including Registry keys and all files.










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ah oh , do you not have me listed ? :blushing: i joined about a year ago and again about 4-5 months ago, i have just been busy and not had as much time to come hang out here as i would like.


I have however had time to help kill many spys and clean up lots of computers for friends and friends of friends useing the stuff i've learned here at the pit.


I am indented to the good people of pcpitstop :cheers:

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