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How Do I Know.....

Guest freaky-lil-raver

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Guest freaky-lil-raver

well I wanna find out if I am being spyed on....


My b/f and I have 2 computers networked together. and I have a hunch he has been watching "my every move" as in e-mails, chat messages, and web browsing. it is just a hunch though.


I remember watching a television show with him a few weeks ago about spyware, it is not somthing I think he would do, but then again it would explain why he has been acting kinda off lately.


is there anyway to find out with out downloading a detection program? If I do need to download a detection progy, then which is best? It there a way to open the progam up and see exactly what he has been watching?


can he axcess/run the program from his computer?


I am sure I will have many more questions.. but thanks for your time...



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