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What Stops Me From Getting A Virus In Linux


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The reason you are safer from virii in Linux is because most of them are written for Windows. Plus, Linux browsers and e-mail clients don't use ActiveX, and will not automatically enable a virus to infect you.

There are Linux virii, but since you aren't supposed to run as root, they can't do much damage. You are always root in Windows.

There are AV progs in Linux, but they are expensive. Maybe we should have a pinned topic in our Linux forum to list progs for security, like chkrootkit, Fprot, and others. That would be very cool help for the Penguin people. I'd like to know of security apps, because I'll admit I'm not always the safest surfer. ;)

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no need for concern. There are different arguments for why.. one side says that its the fact that windows is more widely used, so virus writers concentrate on their biggest and easiest target. Most viruses are simply written for Windows. On the other hand, Linux's security model helps a lot too. There is such separation between user and administrator that for any virus to take effect, you'd think it would prompt you for a password to be able to modify system files...


don't know whic his correct, probably a bit of both, but the short version is.. don't worry about it. The days of virus worries are long gone..Now if i could just find some GOOD video editing software :)

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