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A Little Gftp Help, Please?


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OK, I use gFTP on SUSE 9.1 Pro (and previously on RedHat 9) for my file transfer needs. It worked great until my ISP mistakenly suspended me for a day. Ever since then, I can not connect to my webspace through gFTP, but yet I can run my Windows prog WS_FTP95 through Wine and connect and transfer just fine.

I always make a point to do some solid Googling before I ask the forum, but this has me stumped.

Please help a fellow Penguin dude out here. :)

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I sure don't understand it. gFtp always works great for me. You can also use Konqueror for ftp.


In the address bar just type in the ftp address with your user name, it should then pop up a dialog asking for your password. I have started using Konq instead of seperate ftp clients because the file manager actually seems faster at drag and drop/copy and past.


In the address bar username and ftp site, then it asks password. The URL to type would look like this below.



ftp://[email protected]_name_of_your_site/

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