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let see , oh hey emachine 667ir

os ???? me .

i`ve installed a new hard drive ,maxtor 120 gb ata ultra

want to run both my 15 gig segate also

i`ve try setting then as master and slave

but i had to disconnect both and go back to cable select

and only use the 15 gb hhd

and tried every F # on boot and can`t get it to go into the bios set up

any and all help will be most welcomed

thanks tw2

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ok i`ll start checking things out

and not running an ata card

but if i can`t get this to run will have to pick it up on tuesday

and i`ll try to get into the bios set up with the delete key

all i`m going to use the 120 for is some different os `s

but till i can run it or egt hte system to find it

might just have to wait till i start building new ones


forgot my manners

thanks for the link joe lol

i knew i forgot something

Edited by tw2
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i try real hard not to

forget them :D:D

some time i do not by choice lol

but i don`t have a problem

doing pm`s to say thank you

when i remember that i forgot lol

and i`ll need all the help i can get

i`ve got it back up

not going to say running yet

but i`ll see if i can get the kinks out

and get it fixed

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you know

i`m glad i`m not the only one

and i think i found one of my problems

when my son started this mess i`m in

i think he made the maxtor a bootable hdd

now all i have to do is remember how to clean it off and start over

as faw as i know you can have two hd`s bootable

but i might be wrong

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i`m still stumped, bios are set for auto detect

and have both hhd as cable select

and no go for seeing the other hhd

guess i need to just plug in the one and try to

get it cleaned off and start from fresh install

but all of this will have to wait till i`m back home

any ideas would help me greatly


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well i`m back oh !!!! what fun it`s been

after just doing a simple install of a new hard drive :tdn::tdn:

well new hhd took a dump and right after that

the orginal one did too. got two new ones and

i got them in what fun one handed.

and on top of that slipped with my lap top and broke the screen

off of it lol

but i`m back and thats to all who were helping me

with the hhd problem . i should know by now just because it`s new doesn`t mean it`s good lol


but i`m back for now

thanks to all


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