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George Bush: Idiot Or War Criminal?

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We have faulted George Bush on several occasions for his tendency to use black-white, either-or thinking. His most notorious example was after he launched his "war on terror" and demanded that other countries either be "with us or against us." It's a simple, illogical way of thinking in a world that consists not of black and white but of infinite shades of gray.


But it does have its appeal: we sometimes get unflattering mail that, after condemning us for being anti-patriotic or worse, announces unyielding support for Bush, often because the letter writer thinks Bush is a straight shooter who says what he means and means what he says. Well, he doesn't. As we noted earlier, even George Will and David Brooks are attempting to control George Bush's wayward mouth.


The appeal of simple thinking is that it doesn't take much effort. It gives us time for other things, watching television, for instance. But it invariably leads to trouble. As George Bush discovered, most countries chose not to support the terrorists, but also chose not to support the US as it invaded Iraq. Clearly, there was a third choice, and a fourth, and a fifth. Any number of legitimate positions could be held on the issue of Iraq. George Bush, possibly because he thinks simply, failed to understand the complexity of international relations.


All of which leads back to the question: is Bush an idiot or a war criminal? Note the forced choice of one of two options. Before you think too deeply about this, however, a little background on the Iraq war.





Hmmm.....I'll have to think on this before I can answer my own question :huh:












ok enough thinking time....GUILTY!!! :lol:

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Guest Deuces Wild

Go to it kiddies. Have fun.


Unnecessary derogatory comment removed.

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This thread is nothing more than sophomoric at best.


Go to it kiddies.  Have fun.

Didn't we talk about this before, DW? :rolleyes:


I'm sure I'll get banned for this, but he is both. 

If you could get banned for that there wouldnt be many members around here. :lol: Edited by neo x1
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let the left wing right wing label slinging begin!  :P  j/k!

That line is sig worthy. :worship::yup:


Just judging from the topic title it would seem your itchin for a fight.



Well it ain't going to happen.  vj

That was the question the article asked. So far so good. Don't do a pre-emptive locking, please. :( Edited by neo x1
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Guest fragged one

liar? yup.


war criminal? i don't see how so.


needs to have his testicles twisted in a pair of vice grips while john ashcroft is 'had' by 'bubba'? absolutely.

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