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Pitstop Team Challenge

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I'm confused as to how you guys are creating your scoring as there isn't a list of details unless they're in another 50+ page thread :P


Here are my scores though.


Pit (2217) - http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=MG6WLWEBG7USEU8E


Aqua (34542) - http://arc.aquamark3.com/arc/arc_view.php?run=1219960486


174 I/O (double uncached speed?.?.?)


Total score - 63672

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Flew your score is wrong it should be 78395. thats your o/c score since the pitscore had your cpu o/c. You would get a lot better o/c score once you o/c in the aquamark test also. it's not good to mix and match either both scores o/c or both stock.


Heres your score calculated

I/O = 198

198x4 = 792

792 + 2414 = 3206

3206x10 = 32060

32060+ 46335 = 78395 o/c score

thanks for the tip bud ........ update pit test 10 % OC 2414 I/O 99 = 198 weighted and AQUAMARK also 10% OC at 47242


now in the box that says PIT I/O due we put actual I/O ( 99 ) or weighted I/O ( 198 ) makes a big diff in score :help:

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Guest fragged one

Change your Aqua from private to public, we cant see it :mrsgreen:


Thx Guys :tup:


Let the games begin :shifty:

did it... :(
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Best Aqua Scores


Aqua Players Teams

75519 Shogan The Mod Squad

71267 IntelGuy Team Lightning

69877 Web Police We Kill Cool

68051 Onecool We Kill Cool

66916 Jimfet Team Lightning

66849 Ed Downing The Incinerators

65151 Amdx1325 Evotion Ti

62266 Daishi Uber 1337 Pwnage

62254 Chris*XxX* The Militant Mobos

59086 Rekcah Venom

57605 Beast_USA Uber 1337 Pwnage

54955 Intratech Venom

54310 Betterdan Evotion Ti

54036 Ronniecoleman We Kill Cool

51980 Tomvill Venom

51770 Markdm The Techmen

50753 Copyron The Incinerators

50645 Allen The Militant Mobos

50599 Raymo Team Lightning

47343 Rmc We Kill Cool

46962 Xtreme Computing The Incinerators

46771 Crow Team Lightning

46439 AdamMAXIS Evotion Ti

46335 Flewpastu Uber 1337 Pwnage

45933 Jamzmar Venom

45327 One2gamble Team Lightning

44344 Curly The Techmen

41572 Spookywillow The Techmen

41040 Ollie BlueDoom

40644 IanG The Incinerators

38436 JackeL The Mod Squad

37000 Bubba Evotion Ti

35085 Mikedick The Militant Mobos

34702 Gpsimkin BlueDoom

34542 Newdles Venom

32601 Ctran503 The Techmen

26026 Fragged one BlueDoom

25000 ChrisR The Militant Mobos

25000 Wdeydwondrer Uber 1337 Pwnage

25000 Tibul BlueDoom

25000 Dickster The Militant Mobos



Best OC Scores


OC Players Teams

114573 Web Police We Kill Cool

106867 IntelGuy Team Lightning

94795 Beast_USA Uber 1337 Pwnage

88615 Raymo Team Lightning

88077 Betterdan Evotion Ti

87744 Chris*XxX* The Militant Mobos

85596 Ronniecoleman We Kill Cool

83043 Copyron The Incinerators

83030 Tomvill Venom

78395 Flewpastu Uber 1337 Pwnage

76972 Xtreme Computing The Incinerators

75519 AdamMAXIS Evotion Ti

74227 One2gamble Team Lightning

72663 Amdx1325 Evotion Ti

72023 Jamzmar Venom

67186 JackeL The Mod Squad

63672 Newdles Venom

56871 Ctran503 The Techmen

46910 ChrisR The Militant Mobos


Best Stock Scores


Stock Players Teams

104157 Web Police We Kill Cool

104869 Shogan The Mod Squad

91856 Daishi Uber 1337 Pwnage

83579 Beast_USA Uber 1337 Pwnage

82495 Allen The Militant Mobos

80559 Raymo Team Lightning

80070 Betterdan Evotion Ti

71331 Crow Team Lightning

69166 Amdx1325 Evotion Ti

68444 Curly The Techmen

61824 IanG The Incinerators

60145 Mikedick The Militant Mobos

55972 Gpsimkin BlueDoom

54191 Ctran503 The Techmen

49886 Fragged one BlueDoom

48700 Tibul BlueDoom

43650 Wdeydwondrer Uber 1337 Pwnage

40070 Dickster The Militant Mobos

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long list :) confusion ;):P

dang, im the only Evotion TI guy that got into top10 of best AQ3 score :mrsgreen:


uh i think im redoing my best OC score and best stock SCORE, raymo, those score of mine are outdated, it was with my 9800P, imma testing my 6800 and hand in the result with calculations ;)

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Do you want us to post new posts when we update our scores or just edit the ones we already have as long as we keep o/c and stock seperate. I just updated mine instead of reposting.

I think it would be better if you posted it again :)


updating an old post would be hard to keep up with

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