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Can't Totally Get Rid Of An "invader"

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Got hit by 2 virus' at one time when I wound up somewhere over in Europe while surfing.......thought I had dumped them and Norton said my system is clean, BUT - when I went to use the MSN search engine I got an eyefull! One of these critters is labled JS.Exception.Exploit and the second one is Trojan.JS.Clid.gen. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of these permanently. First time at this forum and you all seem quite helpful and thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer....... :help:

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Hi here are some links you will find useful the can all be found Here on the pit at virus and spyware.


What is spyware?

Lava soft support

Adware download

Spybot download

How to use spybot

Avg Download

panda on line scan

Trendmicro on line scan

How to post your test

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Thank you both for your help ... am running yet another scan as Norton is NOT picking them up. I know one of them is still alive and breathing because when I attempt to access my "search" in MSN I get quite an eyeful of very explicit material. Yes, my definitions are up to date --- I do that every week without fail. Will try a scan at either HouseCalls or Trendmicro as I can't abide these nasty critters crawling around inside my 'puter.............will also do the download from Microsoft for the patch (an oversight on my part since I just recently upgraded to IE6). :blushing:


Thank you again ....... am posting another request for help/input.

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Thank you - have tried all of the above and all tests show they have been zapped .... BUT ...... still showing that doggone porn page when I access "search" in IE. So .... to get around that particular annoyance I am using another search engine. A bit of a work-around, but no "nasties" are assaulting me.


Question: my PCPitstop test showed that my security settings are too low and when I change them to the higher setting they won't hold -- they keep reverting back to "medium". I'm doing something wrong obviously. Suggestions?

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The name of the default search engine does not come up as it is totally covered by my new "photograph". Prior to this addition it was set at MSN search so I'm assuming that's what's underneath. It appears to be a minor problem -------- I can use other search engines easily.


Holy Cats ------ visited your posted site! Makes one wonder about all the nut-so's out there who appear to be making a life's work out of causing misery/frustration/irritation to those who surf the net. :blink:


Downloaded and ran the Swatit program --- found nothing until it reached 76% and then froze on me. Deleted that one as it is really a slow one.

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