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Why Is My Cpu Load High?


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NOTE: If you've gotten here via a search engine like Google, your best bet is to run our Full Tests so we can automatically analyze what's running on your PC. The list below isn't maintained as frequently as the one in the tests.


Looking at the PC Pitstop test database, several programs are consistently on the systems of people who are having problems with their CPU load. Since I do not have most of these programs I do not know for sure that a program is the one causing the CPU load; it may be an innocent bystander. However, if you have any of these programs running and can't reduce the CPU load you may want to remove them. On XP, use Task Manager to see what is using up the CPU time on your system.


I have marked some of the programs below that I have been able to identify. Several of the others appear to be poorly written popup stoppers or ad blockers that are probably polling too often for things to do. Others are clearly spyware or viruses.

bmclient.exe ButtMan backdoor

lsac.exe Sasser/Spybot/Gaobot.XW worm

msblast.exe VIRUS

redirect7.exe DotCom spyware

scagent.exe TROJAN?

snlogsvc.exe SUSPICIOUS

ts.exe TimeShag trojan or BAT.Mumu.B.Worm?

wnetlogin.exe W32.Donk.R VIRUS

brndisp.exe Rewards Network?

timesynchronize.exe DealHelper spyware?


atkosd.exe Keyboard onscreen display?


csv5p072.exe SUSPICIOUS

easyzappermonitor.exe Harmony remote

fdaagent.exe Free Downloads Accelerator

hcontrol.exe Asus hotkey manager

hpdisply.exe HP display manager (does what?)

hptasks.exe HP notebook utility

macexp.exe Macro Express

mcmnhdlr.exe McAfee antivirus


netzip download demon.exe

omgtray.exe OpenMG Tray utility

owstimer.exe MSOffice SharePoint timer?

pccloser.exe Part of PopUpCop?

switcher.exe (multiple programs)

tbcpro.exe TitleBarClock

tedtray.exe Dualpoint utility

trueblock.exe Popup blocker


tsyssmon.exe Toshiba-related utility?

ventc.exe Venturi wireless driver

ventcfg.exe Venturi wireless driver



xrxftplt.exe Xerox scanner driver

ypc.exe Yahoo parental control

ypcser~1.exe Yahoo parental control

yzdock.exe Eye candy dock?

fahcore_65.exe Folding@Home

googledcc.exe Distributed computing client

winfah.exe Folding@Home

googlefah.exe Folding@Home

googlefahcore_65.exe Folding@Home

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fahcore_65.exe Folding@Home

googledcc.exe Distributed computing client

winfah.exe Folding@Home

googlefah.exe  Folding@Home

googlefahcore_65.exe  Folding@Home


I hope Folding@Home doesn't get misinterpretated and lumped with adware and spyware.


I think most who use it intentional understand that it is going to cause CPU load to be high because that is what the program is supposed to do. If it was unintentionally downloaded, then by all means uninstall it. For Pit Test just turn it off.


Oh yeah, if you are doing Google folding, you should join the Pit Team--how's that for unbiased opinion :lol:



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