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Guest tuffy300

2 Problems Related?

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Guest tuffy300

will show up for about 1 second then go away.The lil green box shows in the taskbar....but no matter how many times I try it it just keeps popping up and making more green boxes in my taskbar.When I run my cursor over them,they disappear.In the mean time I cannot see whats going on or end any unwanted running programs.Nor does going to cont-alt-delete numerous times shut off the computer as it should.Any ideas?


The second thing is a pop up that comes up,starts aim,even when shut off,the sign in box comes up,then shows an away message that is a link to angelfire something and a popup comes up




[yEaKuKz]Microsoft Internet Explorer....This is a mess and Im totally baffled on what to do with either problem.


I have ran Spybot,and Norton and Trojan Hunter,they show nothing.


I have An HP with Windows XP Home on it.......


Thanks so much in advance....

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try running a pit stop full test and then post that...someone may be able to help then


Froggiez :beer:

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This is most likely an AIM virus by the sounds of it. I had one a while back. This program, which takes about a milisecond to download, got rid of it quickly. You have torun adaware or something similar after the virus is gone, becuase it installs all kinds of nasty stuff.

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Guest tuffy300

Hi all....Froggie I did a pitstop scan and it showed no problems,and Mikey I ran the aim check and came back clean...Oatman I ran adaware and it found 24 problems and i had it fix them all...it was mainly Lycos sidebar,the xcleaner also found some and fixed them.I couldnt get the pest scan to work although I am going to keep trying.And yes my messenger has been disabled for a long time.

The aim problem seems to have gone away even before i ran these latest scans,so my main problem is still the task manager.When it comes up for the 1 second it shows that my computer is running at 100% but I know it shouldnt be...

Any new ideas? And I thank you so much for all the help so far......And yes I have restarted many times after the scans........Be back later..... :(

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Pestscan often freezes on me. you must not touch anything until it has loaded. It won't remove anything but normally identifies a problem and gives manual removal instructions, unless you want pay up that is :rolleyes:



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Guest tuffy300

I am trying to put up the results of my pest scan...I downloaded the trial version....What baffles me is why do the programs who want you to buy them show so many pests and the free programs say they have removed them?

Anyhow hope this works...

About.com Spyware Cookie,C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA


Bridge,C:\WINDOWS\downloaded program files\bridge.inf,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Com.com Spyware Cookie,C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA


Download Accelerator Plus,C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbocx.ocx,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

DownloadWare Directory,C:\Program Files\medch,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

DownloadWare?,C:\Program Files\medch\dc4118US1.cab,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA


ExitFuel.com Spyware Cookie,C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

HotBar,HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\shellbrowser|{b195b3b3-8a05-11d3-97a4-0004aca6948e},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

IBIS Toolbar,C:\Program Files\sep\sep.dll,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

IBIS Toolbar,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\{c5183abc-eb6e-4e05-b8c9-500a16b6cf94},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

IBIS Toolbar Directory,C:\Program Files\sep,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

IBIS Toolbar?,C:\Program Files\sep\Uninst.exe,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA








Lycos Sidesearch Directory,C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\application data\lycos\sidesearch,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,C:\WINDOWS\system32\dwshk36.ocx,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,C:\WINDOWS\system32\dwspy36.dll,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{2c704dbb-9c46-11d1-b784-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{2c704dbc-9c46-11d1-b784-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{2c704dbd-9c46-11d1-b784-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{389b19b9-9a87-11d1-b77f-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{6e29b981-9c50-11d1-b784-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{6e29b982-9c50-11d1-b784-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\clsid\{855c49a7-9c3c-11d1-b784-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\interface\{389b19b7-9a87-11d1-b77f-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\interface\{a834857c-9a90-11d1-b77f-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

Popup Inspector,HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\classes\typelib\{389b19aa-9a87-11d1-b77f-00001c1ad1f8},na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

PromulGate Directory,c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\dpi,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

PromulGate?,c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\dpi\dpi.inf,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

PromulGate?,c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\dpi\dpih.inf,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

SAHAgent,C:\WINDOWS\downloaded program files\sahagent_.exe,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

SAHAgent,C:\WINDOWS\downloaded program files\sahhtml_.exe,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA

SAHAgent,C:\WINDOWS\downloaded program files\sahuninstall_.exe,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA



WindowsMedia Spyware Cookie,C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt,na,na,7/13/2004,00-E0-18-57-64-DA,USA









i think I did it....Lol


But after looking at how to remove these Im sure Im not smart enough to do them all manually....Any ideas?????

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Guest tuffy300

Another question.....It seems as though some kind of virus,trojan has attached itself to my task manager,but as you can see I have been unable to fix it....So is there another way to open the task manger,other then cont-alt-delete???


Or is there a way to delete the task manager and then reinstall it?

Just hoping to find a solution........Thanks all :mrsgreen:

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The panda antivirus scan should be able to get rid of you disappearing task manager. Just out of curiousity, if you go to start -> run-> then type in "regedit" without the quotes, does that window disappear? Also start -> run-> "msconfig"

should disappear too. If this indeed happens, you have a trojan which can be removed by the panda antivirus activescan. I'm in a rush, so I can't provide a link, but it should be on the topic list in the forum.


Good luck with your problem.

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Guest tuffy300

YEA.....I DID IT FINALLY!!!!! The website I used washttp://elon.edu/student/jaleman/BestFriends.htm which is an aim virus remover.It was gone in a mini second and all my programs are functioning fine now...

I also ran Panda but after I did this one and it came back clean also.....

Can anyone tell me why Panda and a couple other scans always find about 150,000 files when the others normally only find between 50-80,000? I assume the more they scan the better???

Thanks again for all your help,and DK64_Master,you were right my regedit was also non functioning....This was an experience for sure!!!!!

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