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Another Linux Question...


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whenever i need to use the konsole to install things, i cant get it working right. most of these installers require me to type './configure' or something along those lines, and everytime i do i get a whole list of it 'checking' various things and and the same error:


'no acceptable cc found in $PATH'


what exactly does that mean? and how can i fix this?




oh yeah btw thanks bruce i got my drivers installed :P

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it happened on a ton of programs....uhhh a lot of games escpecially lol


anything that required me to enter './configure'


this is where i like windows....all you have to do is double click :mrgreen:


i just tried installing WINE and got a similar message:


no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

where can i get one? lol

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You need to install it from your CD. I am not sure where or how lycoris installs things from CD but you need c compiler if you ever plan on doing anything constructive. I believe lycoris is debian based.

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