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Spybot And Beclean Problems

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Two promising pieces of free software have been causing trouble for some

readers. First, Spybot:


    Dear Fred, I took your advice a few months ago and switched

    from Ad-Aware to SpyBot S&D (and good riddance to Ad-Aware!).

    Everything was fine, I had my settings customized...and then

    along comes an update that changes everything! For whatever

    reason, my settings are no longer saved - after I went through

    and changed them from the new defaults back to how I had them

    - even though I selected the "save all settings" button. I

    can't get rid of the confirmation each time I "fix" something,

    and I have to change my settings each & every time I run the

    program. Am I missing something? Their help content is really

    no help at all! And while I will not go back to using Ad-

    Aware, I'm extremely frustrated with S&D right now! Thanks in

    advance, Jen Richard


Me too, Jen. It's best to uninstall the old Spybot version, and give the

new one a fresh start, but even then you're not out of the woods: The

new version is also hard to download and update (too many people trying

it at once?), and has several very-poorly-described new features whose

operation is somewhat mysterious. I need to know more about what's

actually going on before I can tell if the new features (like

"Immunize") are really worthwhile.


I'm assuming most of this is Spybot's growing pains, and if things

improve soon, perhaps Spybot will again rate an unqualified thumbs-up.

But for now, caution is advised, as it is with BeClean:


    Dear Fred: I received your new Plus letter and installed the

    "Be Clean" programme. It seemed to work all-right with temp-

    files etc. I then used the registry-clean, and everything went

    wrong !  It seems to have lost the connections from Start to

    the program files plus a lot of other things. I couldn't close

    my PC. I tried to go back to a former version (Safe start),

    but without any success. I had to install (repair) my XP Home

    and in that lost 4 days work (my fault, because I hadn't

    backup'ed). I could be, that I have done something wrong, but

    please check it and send out a warning if there is anything

    the matter. ---Leo Brinch


While no software works for everyone all the time, I've heard from an

unusually large number of readers who had trouble with BeClean. The

trouble isn't universal--- BeClean also has worked fine for many--- it

even got a 4.5-out-of-5 star rating at WebAttack. But until the software

author sorts out what's causing some users to have major trouble, it'd

probably be better to stick with tried-and-true disk cleanup tools like

disk cleanupand known-good Registry cleaners like Registry Clean .
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