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Fix Your Techexpress Links

Ax Slinger

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I need everyone who see's the TechExpress link as text under their avatar to update their TechExpress links. The text is messing up the forum table. This is a result of a space at the end of the link.


Here's what needs to be done to fix this:


1: Open you profile.


2: Delete the space from the end of the link.


3: Save your profile.


And if you go to paste your link into the field and it will not fit, it's because of the space at the end.

Remove the space, not the http://. That must be there.


Once you see the TechExpress image you're all set. I can do it for you in the Admin CP if you have problems, and I will fix any that I see that need fixing. But there are far too many to do them all, and there's no way to do it across the whole forum without removing the custom profile field which will mess things up.


The field for TechExpress Links is not an extra member title, an extra signature, or a place to put silly comments. It was made for TechExpress Links only, and anything else put there will be removed without notice.



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Remove the space, not the http://. That must be there.

This is a clarification of the above statement.


The link must be complete in order for the link to work. Think of it this way, if you went to open this forum or Pitstop website and you only typed half of the address, would it work? No... You would need the full address in order for your browser to find it. The same logic applies to TechExpress links. Whether you are posting the link in a message, or putting it into your profile, the results will be the same. An incomplete link will not work.


Here's an example of a fake, incorrectly posted link:



Highlight the link to see the space at the end.


And here is a correctly posted TechExpress link:



1: It has the full address to the PC Pitstop Website, and your unique TechExpress ID code.

2: There is no space at the end of the link.


Once you have pasted the link into the TechExpress field in your profile, look at one of your posts. If you see text and not the TechExpress image (shown below) under your Name, Avatar, and Member Information, then you need to check the link in your profile. It will most likely have a space at the end or an incomplete address.


Posted Image


So let's review here for a moment.


The correct way to post a link is to copy it from the PC Pitstop website, and paste it into the TechExpress field in your profile, making sure there is no space at the end. If there is a space, it will not work. It must look exactly like this one:



This will not work:



And neither will this:



Or this:


www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp? id= C7G24XF2ZYGS4HQE

Or this:



Or this:



This won't work either:



If you are adding your TechExpress link to your profile I assume you are doing it so that people can check your test results when you need help. If you don't put the link into your profile properly, it won't work, and it messes up the forum table as well. So please, for your own sake, and to make it easier for people to help you, follow these instructions and test the link after you add it to your profile. If it doesn't work, it makes it difficult for people to read your test results.


Any links added to profiles incorrectly will be replaced with a link to the TechExpress help page. If you see it in your link, that means I think you have not read it. Please do so, and fix your link. I have tried to make that page as easy to understand as possible. If there is something you don't understand, please let me know.


Thanks! :)

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