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Ok I just decided to login today and this message appeared in the login screen:


Sorry, an error occured. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


The error returned was:


Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board



Then, I sent a message to Pitstop asking why this is happening and this was the reply:




Contacting PC Pitstop

This account is no longer active. If you need to contact

PC Pitstop, please read the information on this page





If you do not recall sending a message to PC Pitstop,

it is possible that a virus such as Klez has infected the

PC of someone who had you in their address book and is

sending viruses using your email address. Please do not

send us messages about this, we are not the ones forging

your email address and there is nothing we can do to

prevent it. For help with computer problems, please

visit our forums:



What the heck is all this??? It has never happened before whenever I try to login. Please help. :huh:


By the way, this happens everytime I login and it lets me enter the site after about 15 tries. I just sent another message to the Pit and the same message returned. This is some weird crap. :help:

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I assume you have an antivirus and that it is up to date. If so, run a scan. If there is no virus found, you should go to the Panda site or the Symantic site or Housecall and run a virus scan from their site -- they are free and their virus signitures are up to date. If the online scan finds no virus then I would think you do not have one. By the way, the Klez virus tends to make antivirus programs on the infected computer blind to it (the virus) so if the Klez is found, you will have to download a Klez fix tool and romove it. You should also uninstall your antivirus and re-install it to make sure your AV is not compromised.

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HammerSlammer- yeah im still using aol unfortunately. what's PM? how would i go about doing what you said?



i use systemsuite 4.0 and my virus scanner is up-to-date. i did a complete scan of my system for viruses but it didn't find any.



do you have the link to panda or housecall? i am going to try a scan from there and see if it finds anything.

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Are you running a dialup?? and have you logged on to your ISP 3 times?? because dialup will give ya a new number everytime ya logon to them,,I'm not sure if aol is diff or not,,but on each post you have made it is a different IP number :mrgreen: v

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Two questions...


Are you referring to another user name? The only reason I can think of that you would get "Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board" is if your user name was banned, and I don't see "cpham72389" on the ban list.


And when you "sent a message to Pitstop asking why this is happening", where did you send it?

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As Slinger- i sent it to the address: [email protected]


yeah i use dialup :blushing: and i signed on to aol 3 times. i dont see how dial-up could use a new number everytime i log on because i only have one number. is my ip address suppose to change? i thought my computer only has one :huh:


could it be possible someone else is using my account (for the pit or aol)?

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