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Anyone Know How To Get Rid Of Www.topsearcher.com

Guest dreammoney

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Guest dreammoney

Hello everyone - my name is Ellen and I have an annoying pest. ;)


My computer seems to have been invaded by a file from www.topsearcher.com that causes multiple pop-up windows (full screen) to show-up on my monitor. The title changes from Looking for something? to something else similar (always it is a search engine page with categories listed). I have used spybot, done a full disk virus scan with Norton, and cannot seem to get rid of it. I've also used cleansweep to remove everything from any temp folders. Has anyone run into this yet? I'm pretty sure there must be a file somewhere in my explorer startup directory that triggers this window everytime I open a browser window. I'm using Win98 SE and IE6. Oh something else, when I first open the browser it finds a javahb.htm file in windows before going to my start page. Do you think this is my evil file? :angry:


Thanks for your help


Ellen Mayo


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Unknown portal potties (redirecting to goto.com, topsearcher.com, et al) - add files with names such as: sps.dll,  sp.dll, sp.reg, sb.dll or similar to your system. In your StartUp folder you will see one or more lines such as: "regedit -s c:\windows\sp.dll". To fix, delete/rename the files appearing in this manner in the StartUp folder, and (optionally) remove the entries from the StartUp folder. These are actually Registry files that are loaded in at startup via Registry Editor.






You might give adaware a try,,make sure to update it first. :) v



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