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This technique has been around for quite some time. It does NOT work for everybody! You are taking a chance with this card. If you're willing to accept the risk, go for it, but I suggest you do some research and find out what brand works best with it.

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if they sell it and say it will flash to a 9800pro, then the should return it if it doesnt.


seeems like a simple way to do it tho


1) Download the Omega drivers 2.5.22 from omega homepage http://www.omegacorner.com/index_ati.html

2) When you start install the driver, you should pick the option "Soft-Mod 9800SE Omega Driver 9800SE -> 9800 NP/Pro/XT".

3) Actually, it is already unlock the other 4 pipelines when the driver finish installed. However, you cannot really tell from video properties. You should download riva tuner software http://download.guru3d.com/rivatuner/

4) After installed the riva tuner, you can see the 4 pipelines are already unlocked. It shows (8x1)


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