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Tell McAfee how it is :lol:

Ask them what next. This thing doesn't exist :mrsgreen:

Come on Kenneth, where is it? Send him your log.


:beer: :beer: :beer:

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I just replied back to the McAfee technician and told him that I already tried that method, and, I also asked him if he would know any other method for removing the infected file (which every other scanner I used did not pick up on) it seems only FreeScan picks up on it. This is beginning to become very frustrating.

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Okay so I replied once again to McAfee technical support by email, and, here is what he said:



Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Online Support. My name is

Urik. Having reviewed your e-mail regarding removal of infected file; I

would be happy to support you in resolving your issue.


In that case please download an AdAware software and get rid of this

unwanted program.You can get a free version of AdAware from

www.lavasoft.de/support/download .


We would like you to run a "DOS Scan" on your system now. However, we

would like to inform you that a Scan in DOS does not prompt for your

permission before deleting any infected files. If any system files are

infected and cannot be cleaned, they may be deleted or renamed. You may

need to restore some files or reinstall the Operating System, if the

virus has damaged these system files beyond repair, after executing this

command. I would like to have your confirmation so that we may proceed

with the instructions for a Scan in DOS.






I hope that I?ve answered your questions effectively. If not, feel free

to contact support again. Please include all previous correspondence

when replying.



Should I give this a shot? Is doing a DOS Scan alot different than using AntiVirus software?

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Well, I did the DOS Scan and you know what....IT GOT RID OF THAT :censored: REG/SEEKER TROJAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rocks::rocks::rocks::banana2::cheers:


I even went back and did a scan using McAfee FreeScan and it came up clean :beer:.

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