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yeah... ive had the same problem with this kinda thing... they seem to update when they wish.. and that means you loose out...


i orderd the item.. and it took 3 weeks to come through..

by the 6th day i called them.. then they sed they were out of stock.. but the site sed that they had... 26 in stock! i went a little mental with the guy on the fone..

14 days... i was tamping!!! i "orderd" for the delivery costs to be refunded... due to it costing 15£ to delivery on a 1-3 day basis! they werent happy.. but went with it..


20th day.. i wanted a refund of the whole item

21st it was sent from their store i recived it next day delivery on the 22nd day....

all for my 9800xt that i didnt want :angry:


EDIT: the meaning of this... the site isnt updated all the time.. they may forget about that one item that you are looking at!

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