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Hey Rob!


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Your Linux PC is pretty much all set. It's up and running great, a ton of software installed. OpenOffice is installed, along with video editing software. I have absolutely no idea about video editing software, you can tinker with it, you may or may not like it. Here is the link to the site of the software I installed for video. http://heroinewarrior.com/index.php3


The other video software I installed is kino http://kino.schirmacher.de/article/static/4


A few of the things the PC is set up do.


DVD playback software


DVD ripping software


Several Multimedia Players


Audio ripping


Several Office Applictaions


Several Mail applications.


TV out


Browsers inlude; Netscape 4.79, Netscape 7.02, Mozilla, Konqueror, galeon


Gnomemeeting (netmeeting)


Instant messangers for every available service




CD burning software


2D and 3D games


Palm Pilot/Handspring software


A few different PIM's


Educational software for the little guys in the family


Several graphics editing programs (my favorite The Gimp)


Scanning software


GNU Cash (quicken compatible)


FTP software


Desktop sharing software


The latest KDE desktop enviroment


It is currently running on my AMD XP1600, your AMD XP2000 will be Friday according to TCWO.com if there is any other software you think you might like to try out, let me know. I will be shipping it to you next week. One last thing, do you want a normal cordless mouse/keyboard or would you like another Gravis mouse/keyboard for it?

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Wow Bruce, talk about thorough! Does all that software come with Linux, or did you have to go get it on the net?\


Just wondering, do you have a "computer building" business? If you do, I'd like to ask a few questions.

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The only things that don't come with linux is the DVD ripping software, and the video editing software, everything else comes with most of the more popular distrobutions. It all depends what distrobution you have. It is your choice what gets installed, there are over 1000 applications with an average RedHat distrobution, you get to pick and choose what gets installed when installing the Operating system. Nothing gets forced on you. :mrwinky:


Most of the applications have been updated to the current versions by me.

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