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Floppy Disk


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i got a big problem..

the floppy drive doesnt work on the 2 computers in my house...


when i put in a disk it says..


"No disk inserted"

or "disk is not formatted, do you want to reformat now" i say yes... and it doesnt even start.. and says disk is unusable...


this disk has been use by another person with a computer that works with it...

but these 2 dont wanna work at all..!!


whats wrong..?

please help cos my little bro has homework to hand in! and its in by 2moz!

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Just a long shot here, had a problem way back where I was trying to look at disc's I knew were fine and I couldn't find the A drive, my kids somehow uninstalled it, I had to go into the bios and tell the PC that it had a 1.44mb floppy drive after which it worked fine, but your system should already have a generic driver installed for it.

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this is my problem.... all works via bios and all that... but.. i cant do anything with the disk's....


i cant format them via dos... anything.. its like they are all bust... and its my computer causeing it i think...

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