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I have been offered an ati 9800pro gfx card,but on the ati site it says it need's a 300w power supply?what is the standard power supply?i have a compaq pressario.if i do need to upgrade how much is a new power supply?


cheers Ben

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if your gonna upgrade in the future a 300 watt psu is still not enough, a 350 or 400 watt psu would be better. i have a 300 watt psu and it's just enough to run my crappy system i have now, *cough ecs cough* and i'm looking for another vidcard. but i have to get another psu as this generic psu, is too weak to power anything else.

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Yes. I use a generic 300W power supply, and it runs my whole system. Heres my system:

AMD Athlon 2500+ @ 2.2 ghz

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

80GB 7200RPM Harddrive

Abit NF7

32x CD-ROM

2x 256MB Memory

2 Cold Cathode lights

3 case fans

1 PSU fan


Chipset fan


All runs fine. In my opinion, yes, you can

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you need to take the case cover off to find out if you have an agp slot, it's a brown slot above the first pci slot. if you have one then you need to find out how many watts your current psu is. since your system is propriatary i'm not sure if you can even change out the psu.

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