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Registration Email Addresses

Ax Slinger

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Thanks to recent spam, multiple registrations, and DDOS attacks from a couple of banned members, all new registrations and email address changes to current accounts now require a real, working email address for validation purposes.


This does not effect existing members unless they change their email address. If you feel the need to change your email address, make sure you use one that you can actually get mail from. Otherwise you will in effect lock yourself out of the Pit.


If you change your email address to a fake one you will not get the validation email, thus you will not be able to validate the change, thus you will be stuck in the Validating Group, and will not be allowed to post or send and receive PM's. I repeat, make sure you can receive the validation email.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this was forced upon us, and we had no choice in the matter but to take action as necessary.

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