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Guest verde51

:help: ;; Hello to all pit helpers!


I am a novice; that need help "installing an antivirus in my pc".

It's a DELL with windows XP. Unbe known 2 me ; my antivirus scanner (NORTON) expired around Jan. Therefore, I used the pc without protection for 2 or 3 months.

Since then; 100++ files are infected. I purchased [email protected]

But after I download it about four times; it still dont want to work.

Sometimes I get a message 'stating that an error ocurred and the system have to shut down.

Meanwhile, my infected files, keep growing.

Could somebody advice me on "How to download the Virus Online...


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Smiles :)


After you identify the name of the virus or worm with housecall please post the exact name or names here in this forum and the nice folks here can look and see if you should use additional measures to clean up the bad boy. Housecall is good, but I suspect it won't do a cleanup after a nasty virus as well as needs be done.


Have a nice day


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