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i found a file named kernel 32 i dont no if its the actual virus or that file is contaminated but its overwriting my settings so i cant shut my computer down or restart it unless i hold the power button or turn off the surge protector (and neither of them are good for the computer). i try to delete it but it says file cannot be deleted. i have scanned it with avg and norton they both say its a virus but neither of them can delete it. what can i do? plz help my parents are going to rape me if the comp starts to mess up :/

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start admin tools? i dont have that...i have xp, can i get to it anyway else? btw radio it says to restart in safe mode, how can i do that on xp? lol i no im not exatcly up to par on this stuff, but i don no viruses are bad :)

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i have WinXp


to get to admin tools like hammer was saying....


go click start

then control panel

then performance and maintenance

then administrative tools

then messenger ...

and just follow the rest of what hammer said...



OR, the way i do it, MUCH easier way to get to that "Messenger" is to :


Click Start/Run

then type this.. services.msc and hit enter

that will take u to where messenger is. it will open a services box and then all u have to do is scroll down to messenger, RIGHT click on it, then click on properties, and then look down where it says "STARTUP TYPE" and set that to disabled or manual. your choice... however, i have mine set to disabled for my own reasons, doesnt cause me any problems



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