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Post Your Pc Pictures Here!

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Nice looking rig wsrider. :beer: Ahh the true Antec cases have such a better quality side panel door. :)

antec is sweet



these pictures are from last december. Since then i got my new 550watt, new video card, new memory painted the front part of the case blue new fans and just more better quality light

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Wow that's some cool cases n set ups there guys !

Good job wsrider and Beat! Keep up the good work !


*One day i wil get some pics of my case up here :P, my radeon 9600 pro has a blue neon that lights up my whole case lol i love it !

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whats up with sk8?

anyways.... im gonna paint (sometime...) my MX700 to fix the so many marks on it and the charger... so right now im stuck with an old intellimouse 1.1A, and it kinda bugs me because of the wire... and the scroll wheel doesnt work (it wont spin, but i can still click it).

this mouse actually works surprisingly good for how old it is.

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whats up with you? lol jk


my website's server is down atm so I had to use free image hosting, which didn't allow any image over 30k. I posted a pic of my pc but the picture was so compressed that it looked blurry and ugly, so I deleted it. but i couldnt delete my post, so I tapped my keyboard and clicked "edit." :)

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