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Post Your Pc Pictures Here!

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Nice ...very clean install on the wires :tup:

Thanks Beast_USA :cheers:


Still have a couple details to do on the sleeving, which I'm not looking forward to. Sleeving is definitely one of those mods that tests your patience, but the end result is worth it. :)

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does your NB fan make noise? Mine is going out

NB fan? :blink:


Do you mean North Bridge? if it does it hardly makes any noise, this computer is only a week old.

Edited by dan_chan
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How was he supposed to know that your computer is only a week old? I haven't seen you here in a while Dan_Chan

He didnt know because i didnt tell him... so i did.


I have been here, just not posting as much.

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Nice Systems Guy's.... I thought I would pin this on XC's suggestion...


Ed... I see a Vapochill on your desk :shifty::shifty:

Time to fire that bad boy up... Dude :mrgreen:


Very Nice PC set up Beast ;)

I :wub: that Monitor (I see you got it working finally) :tup:

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That minitor has me thinking about my next buy. :mrgreen:


Very nice. :)


I will try to have all the pics updated on Raymo's site by mid week.



Edited by Xtreme_Computing
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Raymo, still can't get the ati's to work :( .....doesn't mean I will stop :) trying


Dan_chan..yes and mine is only a few months old.


Xtreme & Raymo thanks


Xtreme...wait on mine vapochill XE will be here in 4 days :banana:

Edited by Beast_USA
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I kinda have the same problem Beast :erm:


I cant use nvidias DVI output on my LCD its analog or nothing with them :mrsgreen:


ATi I can use both with no problems...dont get it :blank:

I did manage to get the 9800XT to work only on the DVI if I un-plugged the video when the computer was starting. And after it started up plugged it back in a couple of times then it would light up. No good for dual boot


Coulndn't get the 9800pro at all, My 9700pro worked fine. :blink: All built by ATI

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