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Post Your Pc Pictures Here!

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Heres my 2nd Athlon 64 setup (for overclocking)




AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 90nm (S939)

GeIL PC3200 Dual Channel DDR RAM

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB

Abit AV8 *3rd Eye*

Western Digital 120GB ATA133 HDD (8MB Cache)

Pioneer DVR-108 16X Dual Layer DVD Writer

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Figured i'd post my final pc pics here since i haven't been able to beat my 1713 yet. No more modding for this case. Gotta wait till the wife wants one now!!! Muhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!



UPDATE:Finally beat my previous score !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1834 NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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no new pics yet for me, but i finally got 2 round IDE cables and put them in.

i still have a flat ATA/33 cable for the CD drives and a standard floppy cable though.

my PC has wiring issues :D no dust though.

i also replaced the old WD with a new one, and im sending the old one back soon.

i might have to do it with the seagate too if that doesn't want to work properly.


dan: nice computer.

i'd leave the compaq logo on if i were you, without it it'd make the computer look plain and boring (you need something else on the front besides silver and the 2 stickers :P ).


how does everyone get their wiring so neat? mine is a mess, there are wires everywhere.

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