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The Evil "ctfmon.dll"

Guest thegamblingod

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Guest thegamblingod

My old IT manager apparently was the second highest member of CORE, when the FBI told me this as he was getting arrested. I let him go, as I own a sports bettting company, and can't employ felons. Anyways, dude was and is a pervert, unless I am just totally gone, I believe that he utilizes certain crap in my computer to hear what we say, and probably more. I have read about the issue that "CTFMON.dll" caused in 2000 but I can't seem to fix it. Please help me,

desperate in Vegas.


Anyways, my settings get changed all the time, as does my girl friend and my son, i have written all three of them to zero with Maxtor, dude still gets in, must have my mac or something. I am not computer illeterate by any means, I am the webmaster for TheGamblinGod.com. and more of the same. But I can't keep this guy out.... any suggesyions?? short of trashing my wonderful 'puters


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