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hi all

just like to know something , when I open the page PC Pitstop, :oreo: I get a cookie called Tribalfusion can some one tell me what this cookie is for ? I'm sure it must be used for log in or some thing like that .. Right ? thanks :nospys::P

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More specifically, it's to tell TF's ad servers that you've been here once today (or whatever day) and that you have already had "your daily popup", and if you delete that cookie it won't know not to display any more popup ads, and you can probably guess what will happen.


But there are alternatives... If you have a Windows OS, open your Hosts file, and place the following at the very bottom of it, and you'll never be bothered with ads on the Pit again. And Dave says the bills still get paid... a.tribalfusion.com m.tribalfusion.com tribalfusion.com tribalfusion.speedera.net


Here's some good information about the Hosts File too. :)

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