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Got Hit By The Hd_killer Virus!

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:angry: Yesterday I was looking through some floppies I had stored away.

On some of the floppies I had programs, so I decided to format the ones I don't use & keep the ones that contain programs I could use.

Well there was one floppy in particular that contained a 3rd party partition program called " DELPART."

I got it from an instructor @ school last year when I copied it onto a blank floppy, it's a very useful program, better than the FDISK that comes in MS_DOS.

Anyways, I wanted to have a backup of the DELPART program incase I were to lose my floppy, so I created a folder on my C:\ & proceeded to copy the DELPART program from the floppy into that newly created folder, when my Norton Anti-Virus pops up stating it caught a malicious virus, a quick glance @ it said it was called HD_KILLER or something to that effect. One thing I have noticed about the Norton anti-virus 2002 is that it seems to have trouble fixing ineffected files & always displays a message that it couldn't fix or remove it & recommends I Quarantine the virus into some special folder, but I chose the DELETE option instead.

Then a pop up appeared telling me the virus was successfully removed, & I figured things were good, that it was caught be4 it could infect my system.

Well, I thought wrong, because shortly after my PC started bugging out. It would just shut off completely as though some1 had hit the off switch on the back of the PC on the power suppy.

I would reboot, then a couple mins later the same thing would happen, then I reboot & then it got to the point that even during the boot up sequence it would happen.

So I couldn't even boot up & run a full system scan, b/c it would shut down, so I tried booting up in SAFE MODE & was able to start the full system scan but then about 1/2 way thru the scanning, it happened again.

So this time I booted up & went into my BIOS & selected to load the default settings.

Then I used the Roxio GO BACK program that I installed that comes with the Norton System Works 2002 package & I reverted my PC back 2 hours be4 all this crap began.

It seemed to work b/c I was able to boot up into my WIN98 system & run a full system scan using Norton & haven't had the problem since. I then looked up the virus list in the Norton program & saw HD_KIller & it is said to affect Boot records on a PC.

I'm not sure if this was the virus, but the name sure looks very familar to the one my Norton interecepted. Any1 know if this was what would cause a PC to shut off constantly if Boot records were infected?

What has me puzzled is that Norton said the virus was Deleted successfully @ the time when it was caught, but from what happend to me, doesn't seem like it was.

Next time I'll just Quarantine a virus instead of deleting it. :blink:

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Hi there TMSKILZ ...


Here is some general information...


Pest Name: Trojan.BAT.HD_Killer.b

Category: Trojan.

Any program with a hidden intent. Trojans are one of the leading causes of breaking into machines. If you pull down a program from a chat room, new group, or even from unsolicited e-mail, then the program is likely trojaned with some subversive purpose. The word Trojan can be used as a verb: To trojan a program is to add subversive functionality to an existing program. For example, a trojaned login program might be programmed to accept a certain password for any user's account that the hacker can use to log back into the system at any time. Rootkits often contain a suite of such trojaned programs.


This site will help with further explanation...




goodluck :D

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