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Incorrect Processor Speed

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Hello all

Could any one help with this problem. My computer is a time xp 2600, the processor speed is 2.6, which i know is the rated speed, firstly what is its true running speed. I was led to believe it was nearer 1.8.

recently i had to do a o/system reinstall, and now on boot up on the opening screen my processor size is only listed as 1.250. Ihave run sisoftsandra to check and confirm this , which it does. On a previous reinstall, i am sure the speed was shown higher.

many thanks

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it could have been your bios somehow reset the fsb, or ya need new drivers on your board.


mine for instance, i put a 2400 in it and it read as the 2200 untill i updated


EDIT>> wouldn't it be 133?

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