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New Phone Line

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i purchased new phone line consisting of 4 conducters or 4 wires in 1 line...dsl only requires 2 conducters.. but there were 2 left ..so i decided to tie them together on both ends..from service box outside to phone jack box inside.....example yellow & green tied together red & black tied together....turned 4 into 2 ...and i got a major improvement .. i went from 661 down to 670.. and max pings from 55 ms to 49 ..and up from 128 to 136...not much for many but much for me..i dont know if its the thicker gadge or if its the new line ..but it works for me ..i mainly did this because i had multiple bandwidth drops and im getting the supreme package this week of 7 mbs :mrgreen: to those who attemp this . if you like downloading ..do this at your own risk ..if any disagrements please reply

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