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Pause In Downloading For Cable

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Comcast cable 1500/256. When i dl after a few sec it pauses for about .5-1 sec and then keeps going and keeps pausing and going. is there any reason it pauses? can i fix this?



(and ever one with comcast that is supposed to get 1500/128, comcast just upgraded them to 256 upload, iff they reached ur area in upgrading, then just turn off comp, unplug modem for 60 sec and turn back on and ull have 256 upload although its more like 240)

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what kind of modem do you have? Allmost all of them have an internal web page that will give you all kinds of information about your cable signal. follow the link, if it works look for a signal page. Your signal should be between -14 to +5. Any higher or lower could cause a problem. Sounds like your signal is too high to me.

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