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"ie Has Caused A Problem And Needs To Close" Error

Guest effaney

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Guest effaney

I have recently goten DSL and since then, continuously receive this error message, then IE closes. It usually happens when I try to reply to a message, but sometimes just out of the blue when I am browsing. It happens often. I have searched the microsoft database and can not find anything to help. I also have this connection networked with my husband's computer, and he does not have this problem. Any suggestions? If this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it. It is my 1st post. Thanks! Effaney

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I am having the same problem ...


for the last few days ...


I am running IE 5.5 on WinMe


the info on the error is :


AppName : iexplorer.exe

AppVersion : 5.51.4807.2300

ModName : sdhelper.dll

ModVersion :

OffSet : 0007d67a


Any Ideas ? - no rhyme or reason when it occurs - even happened several times while trying to test the machine at PitStop ( had to start back at the beginning )


Thank You - Mary


btw : My PitStop results are the same as they usually are ...


*In fact , right after this post, it happened again !

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Do you ever notice if it's happening on the same webpages, or are they different, and this is happening at random. That happens to me on some pages quite often. Webshots, for example. Some pages there work fine, others crash my browser every time I open them.

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