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File Name Warning

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Hello all :)


I keep getting this annoying message it says the following.


File Name Warning


There is a file or folder on your computor called c:/program which could caues certain applications not to funtion correctly.Renameing it to c:/program2 would solve this problem.Would you like to rename it now?


So i rename it to program2 fine...then it comes back wanting to be renamed program3 :erm: ...and so on...if i delete it i dont see it for a few hours then the dam thing is back again :angry: ....i have scanned it for viruses and theres is none on my pc....if i leave it some programs dont run...ie diskkeeper.

thx for any help guys :)

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Thanks all :)


I deleted the file and restarted fingers crossed :).....i have ad-aware 6.0 which i think is better than pestpatrol which i payed for :bawling: .....just goes to show you dont have to pay for good softwear :mrgreen:


Thanks for all your help :tup:

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