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if i was that surfa you would not have a flash  that fast to catch me sat there lol... :lol:



check previous

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Ok, I got tired of having a desktop that was always someone elses design. So... I made my own desktop :)


Posted Image

So, what about the icons, and visual theme of windows... Aren;t those someone else's design? :mrgreen:



:worship: : all4sma :

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volt is too stubborn to let go of his Windows 2000. :rolleyes::lol:

Yep!! and I'll run it till it don't run no more. :lol:


Then go straight to linux,,in fact I have linux now,,just figuring out how to run it again. :P v

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My Desktop It's extra long and in two parts because I have the desktop extended to the tv, so I decided to put the lovely Alicia Keys on that. :drool: I'll put up a pic of my main computer's desktop tommorow.
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